• Crack the Skin Code

    There are often multiple reasons why skin has decided to form eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Let us help you identify your specific reasons, and piece together the lifestyle, emotional and nutritional factors you need to implement.

  • Take Back Control

    Learn the techniques that a naturopath and health coach have successfully used to help hundreds of clients. Figure out what your body is telling you, and learn to become the master of your own skin health.

  • You are NOT alone!

    The Eczema Healing Workshop gives you direct access to Rebecca and Greg. It also welcomes you into the secret Facebook group for course members - a crucial source of support and extra information.


  • Rebecca Bonneteau

    Naturopathic Doctor

    Rebecca Bonneteau

    Rebecca Bonneteau N.D. is a registered Naturopath specializing in helping parents who have children with eczema. Rebecca was born with chronic eczema, and is now 95% eczema-free through the implementation of drug-free natural healing modalities. She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of childhood eczema and how to cope with it from both child and adult perspectives.
  • Greg Da Santos

    Skin Health Coach

    Greg Da Santos

    Skin Health Coach & Author of The Complete Guide to Healing Eczema. Greg suffered with eczema for 10+ years, and experimented with an embarrassing array of lotions, potions and drugs before realizing that true health was created from inside the body. Greg healed his skin naturally and permanently, following a path of detoxification, nutrition and sustainability.

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If you are sick of learning to live with eczema, the Eczema Healing Workshop will change your outlook. Learn to live without it. Join our growing community all learning to do the same thing.

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  • How long will the course take to complete?

    The Eczema Healing Workshop provides a comprehensive look into all the areas of life that affect our skin. We'd recommend taking around a week per module to digest the information, complete the exercises and make any lifestyle adjustments. This equates to around 3 months in total.

  • What if I have further questions about my personal situation whilst I'm going through the course?

    This is where the Facebook group becomes your support group. Since you will be interacting with Rebecca, Greg and other course members, you will be well assisted along the way.

  • How long will I have access to the course Facebook group?

    The purchase price of the course includes lifetime access to the Facebook group, to ensure you have the ongoing support you need.

  • Can I have a personal consultation with Rebecca or Greg?

    Becoming a member of the Eczema Healing Workshop will provide you with access to both Greg & Rebecca in the secret Facebook group accompanying this programme. If you choose to opt for further support there will be options to request personal consultations with either Rebecca or Greg.

  • Will the course be available offline?

    To view the course videos, you will need an internet connection. The course handouts, however, are downloadable for your offline convenience :)

  • How different is the course content to the information available on YouTube?

    The Eczema Healing Workshop is a collaborative effort of Rebecca Bonneteau N.D. and Greg Da Santos of EczemaHealing.org. It provides much more comprehensive and interactive information presented in a structured course format.

  • Are there any creams or medications I will need to purchase to follow the course?

    No. Both Rebecca and Greg teach natural healing methods for skin conditions. All of the course information can be followed without the need for any additional creams or medications.

  • Will I need to change my diet?

    Our food choices are certainly a factor in how a body chooses to express itself, but whether they form a large part of the jigsaw is down to your specific situation. The Eczema Healing Workshop covers many other areas for maximizing skin health besides diet.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Mindset Magic
    • Let's Get Started!
    • Mindset Magic Day 1
    • Mindset Magic Day 1 Worksheets
    • Mindset Magic Day 2
    • Mindset Magic Day 2 Worksheets
    • Mindset Magic Day 3
    • Mindset Magic Day 3 Worksheets
    • Mindset Magic Day 4
    • Mindset Magic Day 4 Worksheets
    • Mindset Magic Day 5
    • Mindset Magic Day 5 Worksheets
    • Mindset Magic Day 6
    • Mindset Magic Day 6 Worksheets
    • Mindset Magic Day 7 Meditation
    • Mindset Magic Day 7
    • Mindset Magic Day 7 Worksheets
  • 2
    What is Eczema, REALLY?
    • Eczema - The Official Definitions
    • The THREE Types of Underlying Causes of Eczema
    • Understanding Body Toxicity & Stress
    • Allergies and Intolerances
    • Why do YOU PERSONALLY have Eczema?
    • The Health Timeline
    • The Timeline - Guide to Completion
  • 3
    Traditional Treatment Methods
    • Where Society is at with Eczema
    • Steroids
    • Immunosuppressants
    • Moisturisers
    • Topical Support
    • Our Journeys using Traditional Methods of Eczema Treatment
    • Body Language
    • Are You Ready to Start Your Own Healing Journey?
  • 4
    • Why Do We Eat?
    • How your Food becomes YOU
    • PRESCRIPTION: Digestive Aid
    • How our Eating Habits have Changed
    • Gut Bacteria
    • Leaky Gut Syndrome - Videos
    • Leaky Gut Syndrome - Handout
    • PRESCRIPTION: The Poop Diary
  • 5
    • Introduction to Detoxification
    • The Science of Detoxification
    • Acid/Alkaline-Forming Food Chart
    • The Effects of Detoxification
    • Healing Crisis Symptoms & Management
    • Our Experiences with Detoxification
    • Heavy Metal Toxicity
    • Histamines
    • Greg's Top 7 Tips on Detoxifying your Body
  • 6
    What Should I Eat?
    • Your Mindset towards Food
    • What are we Designed to Eat?
    • The Eczema Healing Food Plan
    • Greg's Food Journey
    • Rebecca's Food Journey
    • How to Actually Change the Way You Eat
    • What Greg Eats, and When
    • Social Food Situations & Eating Out
    • Maximizing your Meals
  • 7
    • Introduction to the Stress Module
    • Exercise: How Stressed Are You?
    • What is Stress?
    • Digestive Stress
    • Tips and Tricks on Dealing with Stress
    • Support the Senses
    • Emotional Oils
    • Meditation
    • Emotional Detox
    • Greg's Top 5 Tips for De-Stressing
  • 8
    • Sleep Science
    • What happens when we don't sleep enough?
    • The Chinese Clock Explained
    • Chinese Clock
    • Our TOP TIPS for Sleeping like a Log
    • The Sleep Diary & Sleep Ritual
    • Sleep Well!
  • 9
    • Introduction to Exercise
    • Why Exercise Will Help You
    • How to Start a Powerful Exercise Routine
    • Free Activities
    • In Summary
  • 10
    Deeper Healing Techniques
    • Taking your Healing DEEPER
    • Enemas
    • Dealing with Candida
    • Fasting
    • Tissue Salts
    • Raw Garlic
    • Intense Sweat Session
  • 11
    Surviving Modern Life
    • Our Busy Lives
    • Around The Home
    • Out & About
    • Dealing with Pollution
    • Functional Fitness
    • Cooking for Life
    • Online Searching
    • Work-Life Balance
  • 12
    Go Forth and Thrive
    • Intro
    • The New Body
    • Self-Assessment & Your New Vision
    • The New Energy
    • The New World
    • The End of the Beginning!


What our current participants are saying...

  • Amazing!

    Erick Grillon

    This course is fabulous. I thought I was going to get one or two tips but this course is incredibly comprehensive and explores every side, every angle of wha...

    Read More

    This course is fabulous. I thought I was going to get one or two tips but this course is incredibly comprehensive and explores every side, every angle of what gives us eczema. This course is also being delivered in a fun, clear and professional way and it was very encouraging when I was/am self-doubting myself. I can't see how it could have been done better. Well done Rebecca and Greg! You are amazing creatures and I am confident you will make a big difference in the world. I am not cleared of my eczema yet but full of hope and with dignity restored. I wish everyone a good recovery! Thanks again. Erick

    Read Less
  • Awesome course!!!

    jan husser

    Thank you, thank you , thank you!!! I feel equipped and ready to embrace change! My son has fought this battle far too long. I’ve researched for years thro...

    Read More

    Thank you, thank you , thank you!!! I feel equipped and ready to embrace change! My son has fought this battle far too long. I’ve researched for years through many tears how to help him. This course takes all the pieces and puts it together. I’ve also developed severe eczema over the past several years so I’m ready for relief as well.

    Read Less
  • what I should eat

    anne malson

    totally different approach to food! This need a lots of work and maybe I will not become a total vegetarian, but I have a far greater appreciation of raw foo...

    Read More

    totally different approach to food! This need a lots of work and maybe I will not become a total vegetarian, but I have a far greater appreciation of raw foods and am improving the content of my diet. It is good to look again at what I will save in not buying supplements although they are helpful initially and also if sometimes a supplement is useful when there is a food intolerance. I can investigate that as well to see what other foods i could use to provide for that necessary ingredient. I could learn a lot more in this area

    Read Less
  • Exercise

    HOLLY Poiry

    never knew helpful hints for better exercise options

    never knew helpful hints for better exercise options

    Read Less
  • Mindset Review

    Carissa Grossman

    So glad this not just about food! Great course.

    So glad this not just about food! Great course.

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